Spicy Tuna Potato Salad Recipe

Hey guys! I am back with a YouTube Video! It’s been awhile but as promised¬†.. I’m back.

So I just wanted to share a go to meal that I always make when I can’t be bothered. A spicy Tuna Potato Salad. It’s so easy to make and requires ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge.

Also, its quite healthy and light for those days when you’re feeling peckish and have already had something to eat :p ūüėČ

Anyways you can watch the video below¬†to see how I make this simple dish. Let me know if it’s something you’ll try!

I’m back!

Hey ya’ll I am so happy to be back. For the past two weeks now I haven’t been able to log into my account and was going back and forth with the technical department to sort out the issue and just about 10 minutes ago its been resolved ūüėÄ ! So I thought I’d just pop on here and say hello and give my overdue Happy New Year greetings.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely¬†Christmas and New Years and that¬†2016 has been treating you well thus far.

So now that things seem to be working on here I hope to be posting a lot more content for you guys! To keep updated with me follow me on Instagram @the2ndchapter where I post more frequently.

I also¬†hope to have a post for you guys by the end of next week but for now I’m gunna head off

Kisses guys (K)


Get to know The2ndChapter !

Hey ya’ll so in this post I plan to tell you guys a little bit more about the purpose of my blog, what kind of posts you’ll be expecting to see and a Get to know me tag (I’ve changed a few questions).

So The2ndChapter is just a platform I created to express myself ranging from things I like to fashion and food and maybe more opinionated topics of my experiences and things I believe in.

If you have an urge to weigh in on a topic I may have blogged about feel free to post a comment in the comments section, I hope we can learn from the good and bad from each other!

So let’s get started on the Get to know me tag starting with the most key, important significant¬†question that you should know about person…..


lol Coca cola all the way! I bet I’m gunna get the odd few that say “they taste the same” ummm may I correct you .. they don’t! Pepsi taste bland and flat whereas Coke is more bubbly, sugary and fizzy.. everything you need in a balanced healthy diet ūüėČ

2) Do you prefer the Winter or Summer?

Summer! I love the heat, I’d rather be boiling hot than freezing cold any day

3) Do you believe in equal pay for men and women?

Yes! I think if you are a CEO or a senior position in a company the fact that you are a man or woman should not affect your pay. Instances where female bosses take home less than male bosses for the same position doesn’t make sense to me…

4) What are your favourite smells?

Hmm, petrol (don’t judge me), paint drying, and the smell of bread being baked in the oven it literally equals life

5) If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

hmm, this one is a tricky one. I admit that I’m kinda introverted and possibly a little bit weird especially to those who don’t know me so if I was another person and I’d met this weird introverted person I wonder if I’d be friends with me? It depends how I as another person is like personality wise..so maybe¬†I would be friends with myself but¬†not close friends LOL

6) Do you use sarcasm a lot?

no but look at question 1 lol

7) Laptop or television?


8) Scary movie or happy endings?

happy endings, I don’t tend to watch scary movies cause I’m a scaredy-cat

9) Would you ever bungee-jump?

Don’t think so. I like doing adventurous things but I’ve just seen too many instances where things like that have gone wrong.

10) Do you believe in God?

Yes, but I think believing is only a small part of it

11) DOMINOS or Pizza Hut?

PIZZA HUT PIZZA HUT PIZZA HUT! I LOOOVE pizza. And Pizza Hut is my favvvv I’ve loved it since I was a child. I probably spelt dominos wrong as well and I can’t be bothered to spell check it cause it doesn’t even matter cause Pizza Hut is bae. I posted pizza on my Instagram just recently. I made my¬†friend buy me pizza hut last week and order it to my house. I bought 2 cookie dough ice creams from Pizza Hut as well and didn’t share with anybody. So it’s safe to say I’m pizza obsessed!

IMG_4336 (1)

12) Favourite place to shop for clothing ?

ASOS and probably Topshop


13) Are you a negative or positive person?

Trying to think more positively

14) Do you have any pets?


15) Favourite movie?

10 Things I hate about you,¬†Don’t be a menace to society while drinking your juice in the hood, Wish upon a Star, Stepsister from planet weird, basically lots of pre teen old school movies.

16) Eye colour?

Dark brown

17) Favourite food?

What do ya’ll think?

18) Do you like Justin Bieber?

Yes!! I’m especially loving his songs out right now – What do you mean, Sorry, and Where are you now?

19) What do you want to be when you are older?

Achieving goals and married (hopefully and should I say prayerfully) with children

20) What foundation do you wear?

Estee Lauder Double wear in the colour Sandalwood

 IMG_4337 (2)

21) What do you do in your free time?

I’m always on YouTube

So that’s the end of the post. Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit more about me and the2ndchapter.

I tag anyone who sees this post

Kisses guys x

The Little Red Dress

”Uhhh Little Black Dress sweetie, you’re facing competition!”

”What,… where? Who says??”

”From your younger sister – Little Red Dress! She’s taking your place, and taking it quickly apparently she’s the new and must have dress in every woman’s closet.”

Let’s watch her work below!



Hey ya’ll in this post I style this beautiful dress from ASOS in 4 different¬†ways.

Look 1

IMG_0261_Edited   IMG_0269_EditedIMG_0278_Edited 1IMG_0273_Edited

So this is the red dress. Plain and Simple. It’s got a wide diagonal slit at the front (that you need to be careful of!) and a cross back.

I really loved the combination of a minimalistic nude heel and the pop of red colour from the dress. I would most likely wear this look¬†to a special event –¬†being a¬†guest at a wedding, or if you’re hosting a party.

heels – Aldo

Look 2

IMG_0317_Edited IMG_0321_Edited IMG_0324_Edited

Showstoppa!¬†I felt¬†like this look¬†was sexy and elegant at the same time. If you don’t want to show too much skin use a statement piece scarf to cover up. In this case¬†I¬†chose a faux Burberry wrapper. I feel like this look can be worn if you’re attending a formal sit down gathering or an upscale party.

Look 3

IMG_0330_Edited IMG_0338_Edited IMG_0348_Edited

This is why I love the red dress, because of its versatility.

The work look dress. These are¬†for those extra special days where¬†you’re giving a presentation and you want to look your best. It’s daring but you can get away with it by adding a formal black blazer and black heels. I would have also played it even more safe by wearing a pair of black tights/pantyhose to go along with it.

Blazer – River Island

Heels – Primark

Look 4

IMG_0364_Edited IMG_0381_Edited


Lol so this is the stage in the photoshoot where I am getting restless and decide to do funny poses to keep it going.

This look really screams “Festive!” to me, I think it’s the combination of the red and the beaded jacket and the slight hint of gold from the heel buckle. This is the type of look I’d wear to a Christmas party this holiday season with friends or work colleagues.

Beaded fringe jacket – Miss Selfridges

Heels – Asos

So that’s the end of the post. The red dress is a wonderful and equally just as gorgeous dress to the typical little black dress. I hope you’ve got some inspiration, especially for this¬†holiday period!

Kisses guys x


Firstly big shout out to @solikeyz for helping in the photography and editing of these photos, I wouldn’t have this post if it weren’t for ya!

***Everything in this post was purchased by me***

Find the dress here http://bit.ly/1IwNGAy

Similar red dresses here: Asos http://bit.ly/1IwMwFb

Asos http://bit.ly/1Ny9lJ7

Topshop http://bit.ly/21FO4U3

Missguided http://bit.ly/21FOcTh

Missguided http://bit.ly/1OaApuj

A Big Problem

I thought I’d start off with a humorous topic for one of my first¬†written posts, something I actually let bother me from time to time (quite unnecessarily I should add). However, I thought I’d share my dilemma to see if anyone can relate to my very over dramatic problem. Here it goes

my big ass feet :(


Firstly I am a UK size 7, which is becoming an average size, I know, but I am only around 5’6, have slim legs and tiny ankles – and banana boats for feet. My feet are very disproportionate to my figure. Like they really have no reason to be this length.
Having huge feet are a pain especially when you want to purchase high heels but your feet aren’t flattering enough in them. Have you experienced this problem? You find a nice looking high heel, the model wearing it rocks it so nicely – you buy the same shoe, but it doesn’t look as nice as it was on the model’s feet cause your feet are so flat that it doesn’t arch in the shoe like how it did when you saw it when the model was wearing them. JvhbjugtyoJajdbdbjdktiekel. The whole sex appeal is lost :(
 big feet problems
And I am not being overboard but I have noticed guys looking at my shoes, ALWAYS when I am wearing trainers. No lie. I am assuming that the ‘ginormous-ness’ and the ‘disproportionate-ness’ of my feet are revealed when I wear these.
Funny true story, I was at a guy friend’s house and I¬†wanted to go up the stairs but with some sort of slippers, so I¬†quickly asked¬†if his mom had any slippers I could run up the stairs with¬†and his reply was
¬†“oh just use mine, we’re the same shoe size”.


We’re what mate???


Yeah… that conversation didn’t end well :/.


I’m cray, I know. But if you can relate to my LaCienega Boulevardez dilemma (to know what I am referring to click the link at the end of this post!)
Anyways if you can relate to my dilemma, let me know in the comments and if you have any tips on any flattering shoes that me and my feet should look out for, let me know, cause out of boredom I have googled foot surgery and know it’s not possible …. Lol I clearly need help.
wht r those
http://bit.ly/1DxYdcM       Click the link!
This is just a funny post in no way am I saying if you have big feet it’s a bad thing. It certainly isn’t. I’m just sharing my experience
Kisses guys
email: the2ndchapter@the2ndchapter.com

Purple Daze

Hey ya’ll! So let me get right to it. This post is a follow up of my YouTube video where I feature purple lipsticks. My personal opinions about these lipsticks, price, and where to find them are detailed here.

better swatches pic


Exxxaggerate by Sleek


top РMiss Selfridges 

Love this purple lipstick by Sleek. It’s a matte¬†finish with a hint of sparkles or glitter whatever you wanna call it. I am not particularly¬†fond of the sparkles but on the upside they are subtle so it’s¬†not that evident from afar that your lipstick has sparkles in it. It retails for around ¬£5 at Superdrug and Boots in the UK but is available to US customers on the Sleek website.

Shine Berry Couture 835  by Revlon


jumpsuit – River Island ages ago

Okay so this lipstick…. I’m not a big fan of. It’s light purple and pink in colour and might as well be a lip balm – it really is that shimmery and shiny in its finish. It retails for around ¬£8 in Superdrug and just not worth it for a lipstick that applies and finishes like a lip balm but hey that’s my opinion.

Mystic by Sleek

IMG_2578IMG_3009 1

jumper – Primark

Another one by Sleek! This lipstick is light purple but mixed with¬†bright pink undertones. It could be classified as a pink lipstick lol.¬†I¬†specifically ¬†wore a black jumper with this lipstick because I felt dark colours really make it stand out. It’s a matte finish but not as matte and drying as say Ruby Woo.

Up the Amp by MAC

IMG_2590 No pic of Up the Amp it got ruined, sorry :(

jumpsuit – Topshop last year

First debut of MAC in this post. This lippie is defffinitley a bright one. Chocolate girls be careful cause if you don’t apply this lipstick sensibly, yes, sensibly you’ll end up looking real funny…I’ve been there lol. I love the finish of this lipstick, it’s an amplified one, it goes¬†on smooth¬†and feels soft and I personally find smells really nice.

TIP! A friend of mine applied Exxxaggerate on top of this lippie and it made for a lovely combo also helping to tone down the brightness that comes with wearing Up the Amp.

Rebel by MAC

dress – Primark

bangles – gift from Africa

Rebelllllll by MAC. I also love this lipstick. It’s so classy and sophisticated as well as being youthful at the same time? This lipstick shows up a deep berry colour depending on your skin tone and¬†is a satin finish.

MAC lipsticks retail for ¬£15.50 in the UK…….


So that’s the end of the post I hope it has helped you and gave you more info!

**Everything featured in this post was purchased by me**

Outside photos were taken by @photog_photography

email: the2ndchapter@the2ndchapter.com

Kisses guys x